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At Bat with Carol Ann Boyle

Jun 18, 2021 | At Bat With The Board

At Bat with the Board is our new feature where we will introduce our LISTnet Board Members to the community. This week we spoke with Carol Ann Boyle who is the CIO of Adelphi University. Besides being a LISTnet Board Member she also participates in our CIO Council.
Carol Ann Boyle has worked at Adelphi IT for 25 years. In 2018 she took on the role of CIO. She initially worked on computer networks in Midtown Manhattan, back in the days where everything was hands on, and would do everything from creating a network cable, configuring the network, running a cable in the ceiling to programming phone systems. She even kept a pair of jeans in a drawer so that she could do those cable runs when needed.
She started at Adelphi as an associate manager and two week later moved into the management position when the existing person quit. She worked on the network and IT side of things until one day previous CIO Jack Chen commented that she was good at communicating and interacting with people and should work on the applications and front end side of things also. That started her on a path to become Adelphi’s current CIO in 2018 when Jack retired.
She is excited about the future and new ways of working. She is particularly interested in smart city technology because universities are like mini cities. Her hope is that with new technologies, “We just might find that work life balance, that people can actually be happy and more successful in their whole life.”
To find out more about Carol Ann visit https://www.adelphi.edu/it/about/