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At Bat with Laura Bass

Jul 2, 2021 | At Bat With The Board

LISTnet Board member Lara Bass is Vice President of Client Services for EGC Group, a full service advertising and marketing agency, located on Long Island, ready to partner up and tackle any obstacle.She supports the account team and helps to ensure clients are happy. Her goal is for work to be delivered on strategy and on time.

When did you first start with EGC Group?
I started almost exactly six years ago, July of 2015.

What were you doing before that? I was working in the city…so you mission of Long Island totally resonates because I felt like I had to be in the city to work at any type of decent agency…and I was wrong!

Do you find it better now to not have to commute to the city and to work on Long Island? 100%, I think it was life changing.

What are some of the things that you are excited about that EGC Group is doing and that you are working on? I get excited when we deliver results for our clients. Things need to look good and sound good. But at the end of the day, we need to impact our client’s businesses. It’s nice when we see our clients actually having positive results and heading in the right direction.
We’re doing more and more video work. Over the pandemic we opened a content studio. We’ve always done video, we’ve done TV commercials and social media video for years and years, but now we have a studio in our office. And that came in really handy, when a lot of studios were closed, we were able to continue to produce videos and do more of the production and editing in house.
Honestly, as a company we’re always innovating. The digital marketing world changes daily or weekly. Staying on the forefront of that is what excites me.

How much has changed to using technology like analytics and measurable feedback versus when you started? That’s continuing to grow. We hear it more and more every day. We track all that we can from a marketing standpoint…but now it’s really connecting the marketing to the sales and the ROI on that. The analytics is really integrating into their sales force and sales tools.

Any advice that you would give to companies about marketing? Just to stay current and present. Continually putting out fresh and new content is the most important. That doesn’t have to cost money. There are things you can do for your business that keep you relevant. Writing blogs…content creation is big, and you can do that without spending media dollars. Every company can and should have some sort of social presence whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

To find out more about Lara and EGC Group visit https://www.egcgroup.com/lara-bass