Software For Remote Work


On LISTnet Tech Talk people were discussing software that’s helped with the shift to remote work. Here’s a list of some of the products mentioned:

  • Zoom – The most popular answer. It’s becoming essential for videoconferencing and webinars but you should make sure to take steps to secure it.
  • Skype – Microsoft’s voice and video communication platform
  • Slack – Feature rich team communication and collaboration tool. Potential email killer
  • Microsoft Teams – An alternative to Slack that’s growing in popularity especially for those on Microsoft Office 365
  • Trello – Easy to use, collaborative project management tool. Free version is very usable.
  • Google Docs – For working on and collaborating on documents and spreadsheets
  • Shift – App for organizing multiple email accounts and web-based apps, lets you switch easily between apps and accounts.
  • Workana – Organize your web apps and browser tabs into workspaces

Additional suggestions:

If you don’t see your favorite listed or really love (or hate) any of these let us know!

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